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The MIRA program is the National Mental Health Program, which, as the first strategic document in the Republic of Slovenia, comprehensively addresses and regulates the field of mental health. The program links existing and adds new services and structures to meet people’s mental health needs. The main focuses of the program are the strengthening of mental health and the prevention and comprehensive treatment of mental disorders. With this purpose, it connects the services of all responsible sectors, i.e. health care, social care, education and training.

The purpose of the website is to provide users with all the necessary information about various forms of help and to guide them to the appropriate source of help by the nearest route. We cleaned up the main navigation bar and placed content in it, which is constantly being upgraded and added.

The page also contains a configurator with a map, where the user can use filters to get to the source of help that answers his specific problem, as well as to the source of help that is closest to the user regionally.

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National Institute of Public Health

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