We three are the best couple

The goal of the campaing was to refresh the campaign for the financial product Financing 1% per month. This simply means that the buyer of a new Škoda vehicle pays 1% of the vehicle’s price every month. Skoda’s financing is easy, transparent and most often the best choice for buying a new Škoda. The idea came about precisely because of the connection of these three elements (customer, new Škoda and 1% financing). With two different situations, we wanted to show the loving relationship between the driver and his Škoda, bought with financing of 1% per month, in the TV ads. The famous song by the legendary Petar Lovšin, We three are the best couple, is used for the musical backdrop and the catchy slogan that accompanies the television and radio advertisement, this time in an acoustic version of the song!

Campaign elements: television, outdoor, radio and online advertising, social networks, own channels

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